Benefits of Organic Oregano Oil

There are so many ways you can enjoy the benefits of organic oregano oil. It’s an excellent pain reliever, anti-inflammatory and germ killer and has potent antioxidant properties. Furthermore, it’s a good source of vitamins A, C, E and niacin as well as minerals: zinc, magnesium, iron, potassium, copper and manganese.

benefits of organic oregano oil

Benefits of Oregano Oil Capsules

Benefits wild oregano oilThere are many other benefits of organic oregano oil:

  • It’s highly toxic to harmful organisms that invade our bodies;
  • Organic oregano oil is rich in antioxidants;
  • It supports good digestion;
  • Helps protect against common seasonal ailments;
  • It strengthens the immune system;
  • Protects flexibility of joints and muscles;
  • Promotes lung and respiratory health.

You can enjoy all the health benefits of oregano oil capsules when you order from Global Healing Center.

Why are they the best oregano oil capsules?

Global Healing Center’s Oregatrex Organic Oregano Oil Blend contains a 300% higher concentration of Carvacrol (the active ingredient in oregano).

It contains cold-pressed, wild, organic Mediterranean oregano. There’s an impressive vitamin and mineral content and no chemical, artificial or toxic additives. It’s also suitable for vegetarians.

The 4 Ingredients in GHC’s Oregatrex Organic Oregano Oil Blend:

  • Organic Mediterranean oregano oil – rich in vitamins and minerals; a potent cleanser; toxic to harmful organisms;
  • Organic peppermint oil – aids digestion, helps with respiratory problems, gives relief from pain;
  • Cayenne oil – rich in antioxidants, is toxic to harmful organisms, benefits circulation, helps cleanse the body;
  • Cold-pressed, organic, extra-virgin olive oil – high in antioxidants, mono-unsaturated fat and good fatty acids.

GHC’s Oregatrex Oregano Oil Blend comes in a dropper bottle with empty vegetarian capsules included. You simply place 6 drops into an empty capsule and take it before a meal, 3 times a day (directions are on the bottle).

Oregano oil where buy

Oregatrex Organic Oregano Oil Reviews

Jeul says: “This stuff is fantastic. I take quite a few GHC supplements now and they are all fantastic. I started taking this to stack with Mycozil, which is also fantastic.”

Dwayne says: Hands down the best oregano oil. This product works instantly. I use it for chest congestion.”

Allergy Sufferer says: “I have been using it in place of getting my allergy shots and it has worked great!”

Dill says: “Easy to take, comes with capsules to put the oil in so it doesn’t burn or irritate… Haven’t had any digestive issues since I’ve taken his daily, no matter how much I eat. Great product, as is my opinion of all GHC products. Thank you!”

Donna the Trainer says: “Love GHC oregano oil. It’s very effective in helping with my candida as well as keeping my immune system up. Great customer service and highly recommended!”

See all the customer testimonials here.

Where to Buy Oregano Oil Blend

You can order GHC’s Organic Oregano Oil Blend online – free shipping to any USA address.

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    1. Hello, Felicity – I see you are from Gauteng! Oregano oil has many health benefits. However, if you are looking for a solution for a lung cleanse, there is a supplement that is specially formulated to support lung health (they ship world-wide). You can read about it here.

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