Allergies: the Best Ways to Treat Them at Home

Best Home Remedies for Allergies

Best Home Remedies for Allergies

If you are unfortunate enough to be suffering from allergies from impure air or any other source, you’re sure to want to find an effective solution. While many people rely on over-the-counter drugs for relief, these don’t come without side effects. Nature is bountiful and has provided so many medicinal plants that we can utilize. Let’s explore some of the best home remedies for allergies:

Apple Cider Vinegar for Allergies

One natural home remedy that is known for successfully treating a myriad of ailments is organic apple cider vinegar. It’s not only good for allergy relief but is also effective for lowering cholesterol, treating high blood pressure and assisting with fat loss.

People who use “ACV” for allergies recommend a daily dosage of 2 tablespoonsful. Mix it with water or juice. I like taking it in a glassful of grapefruit juice first thing in the morning, as an alkalizing tonic. The grapefruit juice also helps to disguise the taste of the ACV.

Red Clover for Allergies

Another natural home remedy for allergies is red clover. What’s great about using red clover to treat your allergies is the choice of formats it comes in: you can take it in capsule or powder form or drink it as a tea. You can even make your own red clover wine (recipes here)!

Drinking vegetable juices such as lime (diluted with water) has been known to provide relief for people with allergies. Certain foods can also cause allergic reactions. You should be on the lookout for any symptoms of allergies after having eaten or drunk something. This is one way of knowing what foods to avoid to prevent future outbreaks.

Apart from using these best home remedies for allergies, there are also some simple steps you can take to prevent an allergy outbreak or at least minimize the symptoms. Let’s look at some options:

If you have a problem with pet allergies, keep a safe distance from pets. If your own dear pet brings on an allergic reaction, at least keep it out of your bedroom, as that is where you will spend a lot of your time.

Natural Remedies for Mold Allergies

Mold is a well-known trigger of allergies. Have you had your home checked for mold? It’s important that you take steps to remove it or prevent it from growing. Minimizing the humidity in your home is a good way to prevent or reduce mold growth. Install an extractor fan in your bathroom to reduce mold growth.

If you discover that mold is indeed contributing to your allergies, you might consider installing a whole-house dehumidifier:

Best home remedies pollen allergies

These are just some of the best “home remedies” for allergies that sufferers have recommended. It’s important to remember that home remedies don’t always work equally well for everybody who uses them. If you don’t get the result that you hoped for from these recommendations, why not arrange a consultation with a naturopath? He or she would be sure to find another natural allergy remedy that can provide you with relief.

Best home remedies seasonal allergies

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