Can You Reverse Kidney Disease Naturally?

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What Your Doctor Got Wrong About Kidney Disease

If you’ve been diagnosed with kidney disease, your first question to your doctor was probably along the lines of: “What can I do about it?” Most likely, the answer disappointed and frustrated you.

The consensus of Western medical doctors is that kidney disease is a one-way journey. They say it only goes from bad to worse, and your best hope is to stall your decline with drugs before you succumb to dialysis or transplant. Along the way, you’re told to expect insomnia, muscle cramps, itching, swelling, fatigue and a host of other unpleasant symptoms. It doesn’t occur to them that maybe you can reverse kidney disease naturally.

Like many people in your situation, you might be feeling powerless, angry, anxious or even depressed about your diagnosis. It’s completely understandable. Nobody wants to sit by and watch as his or her health slips away. No-one wants to accept a future of medications, machines and surgeries. Nobody wants to give up years of quality time with their loved ones.

But… what if you didn’t have to? 

Is Kidney Disease Really a One-Way Street? 

What if your doctor is wrong about kidney disease? What if it can be stopped – or even reversed? 

We tend to look at medical doctors as all-knowing beings who have our best interests at heart. If there was something – anything! – they could do, surely they’d tell us? 

The truth is that doctors work within a narrow, rigid medical system. There’s no doubt that Western medicine can be a brilliant thing. However, the system is also far too quick to dismiss natural, holistic teachings, some of which have served us for thousands of years. If it’s not shiny, new and made in a high-tech lab, it simply has no value!

And what about the doctors who do try to think outside the established system? The ones who understand the incredible power and value of what nature gave us? Who try to draw from ancient wisdom and combine it with modern advances? They’re quickly red-taped and put back in their places, or cast out of the system altogether. 

When it comes to kidney disease, it’s time to accept that there’s an important place for both approaches.  

Can You Reverse Kidney Disease Naturally?

Yes, you can!

Duncan Capicchiano ND and Fiona Chin ND, both naturopaths, nutritionists and medical researchers, have been specializing in natural kidney health for more than a decade. Their interest began when Fiona’s grandmother was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease at age 73. 

Nanna was complaining that she felt tired and sore. When Fiona took a look at her blood test results, she was alarmed at how low Nanna’s kidney function appeared to be. When Nanna discussed this with her GP, his response stunned her. 

Nanna had stage 4 kidney disease, but the doctor hadn’t even mentioned it. Why? He said that nothing could be done about it, so he hadn’t seen the point in bringing it up. He told Nanna that dialysis would be her only option. 

A life hooked up to machines as her health slipped away? In Nanna’s eyes, he might as well have handed her a death sentence. 

A Healing Protocol Is Developed

After the diagnosis, Duncan and Fiona set out to find natural remedies to help support Nanna’s kidney health. They poured every ounce of energy into researching and creating a healing protocol for Nanna. Even they were astounded by the power of what they found. 

With the protocol they developed, they helped Nanna go from stage 4 to stage 1 kidney disease in just 12 weeks. Her creatinine went down, her GFR went up, and the looming threat of dialysis went up in a puff of smoke. 

Nanna’s doctor had told her this wasn’t possible. She chose not to accept her fate, and as a result she enjoyed another wonderful decade with her family before she passed away of unrelated causes at 83. 

The Kidney Disease Solution: a Whole-Body Approach. 

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Based on their success with Nanna, Duncan and Fiona went on to develop The Kidney Disease Solution, an all-in-one, step-by-step approach to natural kidney healing. Since then, they’ve helped over 25,000 people to achieve similarly life-changing results. 

Duncan says that, in order to have the best possible chance of recovery from kidney disease, you need to think beyond the kidneys. The Kidney Disease Solution advocates a whole-body approach, taking into account the specific causes of kidney disease. This is the way to go if you want to reverse kidney disease naturally.

Duncan points out that kidney failure has over a dozen known causes, including diabetes, high blood pressure, lupus and Alport’s syndrome. By addressing the root causes of kidney disease elsewhere in the body, you can prevent these illnesses from further eating away at your kidney function. 

Diet and Nutrition

Diet and nutrition are also major areas of importance. Conventional advice does take this into account, but according to Duncan, it doesn’t go far enough. For example, common advice is to reduce sodium and potassium intake. Solid advice, but it doesn’t cover what to eat instead.

If you replace potassium-rich foods with unhealthy alternatives, you’re simply aggravating other health problems that can contribute to the decline of your kidneys. 

The third pillar of the Kidney Disease Solution’s approach is to draw on the power of natural supplements from various cultures. Duncan stresses that he’s not talking about bags of roots and powders from a corner store; he’s referring to evidence-based herbal medicine in controlled, measured dosages, sourced from reputable, top-level suppliers

As an example, Duncan points to chitosan, a sugar obtained from the outer skeletons of shellfish. In one Japanese study, 80 patients with kidney failure who were undergoing dialysis received chitosan. In just four weeks, urea and creatinine levels had dropped significantly. Quality of life had improved too. The patients were physically stronger, had better appetites and were sleeping better. 

This is just one of the powerful natural supplements the Kidney Disease Solution recommends. It proves that even when your kidney disease has progressed to the point of dialysis, there is still hope to restore your kidney health and your quality of life!

What Do You Get In the Kidney Disease Solution?

The Kidney Disease Solution is a step-by-step program for naturally reversing impaired kidney function and avoiding dialysis and transplant. It features: 

  • A step-by-step natural treatment plan to improve kidney function and health
  • Kidney repair “toolkit” combining ancient remedies and modern scientific approaches
  • A comprehensive kidney nutrition and diet plan, including a cookbook
  • Carefully designed yoga video for kidney health & energy
  • Stress management techniques, including a guided meditation audio
  • Educational materials for understanding kidney health and disease
  • Analysis of news and research
  • Free lifetime program updates in line with the latest kidney research
  • Free lifetime email support from a team of kidney health experts (qualified naturopaths)

To discover how The Kidney Disease Solution program can help eliminate your kidney disease, visit BeatKidneyDisease now!

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can you reverse kidney disease naturally

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