5 Best Essential Oils for a Cold

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Essential Oils for a Cold
Essential Oils for a Cold vs. Conventional Medicine

The common cold is one of the most prevalent ailments known. It’s responsible for more absences from school and the workplace every year. When so many over-the-counter medications only provide temporary relief from symptoms, it’s a good time to consider using essential oils for a cold or the flu.

Why Do We Catch a Cold?

To be honest, you don’t “catch” a cold; you simply become infected with a cold or flu bacteria or virus. This generally happens when your immune system has been compromised and can no longer protect us from such invaders.

How can Essential Oils Prevent/Cure Colds and Flu?

There are more than 200 different viruses that can cause a cold. The coronavirus and rhinovirus are responsible for causing the majority of colds. Currently, medical science has no drugs that can kill these viruses.

However, although conventional medicine cannot provide an answer for the common cold and flu, nature already has the answer. It comes in the form of pure, organic essential oils.

Pure, Organic Essential Oils vs. Aromatherapy Oils

To clarify, manufacturers produce aromatherapy oils for fragrance and some other purposes. They are generally only 2% essential oils diluted in a carrier oil such as grapeseed or almond oil. Pure, organic essential oils are the unadulterated, undiluted goodness of the plant material. They are the natural “essence” of the plant. These are the best essential oils to buy.

Essential oils work as a defense mechanism of a plant. Their job is to protect the plant against bacteria and viruses.

Did you know that the cell structure of essential oils is very similar to that of human cells? Even human blood and the essential oil of a plant have several properties in common!

The similarity in cell structure and chemistry between humans and essential oils allows the human organism to readily identify and accept the healing chemical constituents of essential oils. The more you learn about essential oils, the more you will marvel at their incredible health benefits!

The Best Essential Oils for a Cold and Flu

Results of research about essential oils show that oregano is highly aggressive towards microbes, while cinnamon is 99.9% effective against viruses. Even the Ebola virus cannot survive when exposed to pure cinnamon!

Thyme oil is another very powerful oil against viruses and also has very potent antioxidant properties.

Tea tree oil (melaleuca oil) is great for fighting bacterial infections. It’s especially effective when combined with eucalyptus oil for treating chest colds. Eucalyptus essential oil can also help to heal a cold quickly by opening up the lungs and sinuses.

Studies show that, when you apply tea tree oil topically, there is an immediate cellular response. A slow-release effect continues over the next several hours.

Many people find great relief when using essential oils for colds or flu. Remember that essential oils are extremely concentrated so you should use them with caution.

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Essential Oils for a Cold

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