Why Is Giving Up Smoking A Vital Step for Your Future?

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The Health Benefits of Giving Up Smoking

“The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed,” said Richard Brinsley Sheridan. His words can provide inspiration for the millions of people who don’t try to quit smoking because of a fear of failure.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that it can take eight to 11 attempts to quit before people could quit for good. If you have tried to give up smoking before and have failed, try again! Your next attempt could be determinative.

If you need inspiration, how does having cleaner lungs, more money for holidays and the finer things in life, and a significantly lower risk of cancer sound? Read on and discover the many health benefits that kicking the habit can have.

Quitting Saves Lives from the Word Go

One of the most motivating things about quitting smoking is that it produces changes from the first hour after your last cigarette. This is when your blood pressure begins to drop. After one day, your oxygen levels improve. By day three, those seemingly unbearable cravings start to wane.

The health benefits of leaving cigarettes behind are cumulative. By your third day, for instance, you have improved lung function. Now, if you make it to a full 10 years without nicotine, your risk of pancreatic cancer drops to that of a non-smoker. This is pretty impressive and inspirational stuff!

You can also make significant financial savings in little time. For instance, after just one year of being smoke-free, you can save over $2,000. Think of what you might do with this extra money – take a holiday, perhaps? Or donate it to a cause you believe in? Save for a future nest fund?

Herbal Aids and Supplements for Clean Lungs

Because the effects of quitting vary greatly from person to person, you may need to try out a few natural aids to help you quit. While you detox, for instance, you may find that a lung-cleansing supplement spray, such as Global Healing Center’s Allertrex herbal spray, can help you breathe more easily as you journey towards a smoke-free life.

Supplements such as B-Complex, Niacinamide, and Chromium can also help. They can ease the withdrawal process and help you overcome the stress that can accompany your first few days after quitting. Meanwhile, Vitamins C and D can help you restore some of the damage caused by smoking.

Nicotine Replacement

For many people, relying on nicotine replacement can be a big aid. New evidence published in April, 2019 in the Cochrane Library found that people who use a combination of nicotine replacement products (think a patch plus a lozenge or gum) have a higher chance of successfully quitting smoking than those who use just one of these products. Researchers also recommended using higher doses of gum (i.e. containing 4mg of nicotine) and of nicotine patches (go for 2mg or 25mg) to boost your chance of success.

E-Cigarettes May be Helpful

A 2017 study undertaken at the Medical University of South Carolina found that those who use e-cigarettes tend to smoke less and make more attempts to quit. Researchers note that “anything that gets users to give up normal cigarettes is a good thing.” This is because e-cigarettes may contain less harmful toxins than traditional cigarettes.

There are so many health benefits attached to smoking cessation. Many, such as better heart health and a reduced cancer rate, are well known. However, did you know that stopping smoking boosts your everyday memory, enabling you to remember required tasks?

Quitting smoking can also help with social interaction. Furthermore, they can help you make big savings that you can put towards a holiday, your hobbies or even a luxury treat. Why not spend your hard-earned cash on things that enhance rather than wrest from your enjoyment and quality of life?

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giving up smoking

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