How to Change Your Mind to Lose Weight

mental preparation for weight loss
how to change your mind to lose weight
It’s not what it looks like…

Lose Weight by Changing the Way You Think

Did you know that at least 95% of people who attempt a weight loss program fail to achieve the body they want? That’s what statistics tell us. Sadly, the majority of weight loss candidates are destined to be unsuccessful because of their way of thinking. Read on to discover how to change your mind to lose weight.

There are good reasons why the weight loss industry is so profitable. New weight loss products in attractive packaging hit the market surprisingly often. Their persuasive marketing and irresistible advertising magnetize people into purchasing these “miracles in a bottle” in the hopes of shedding the stubborn pounds that keep winning the battle.

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Still, as always, the longed-for results don’t come. The distressed people will now look for the next shiny solution that can melt away their flab.

The question they should ask themselves is, “Why am I failing to lose weight?”

They do, after all, start out with the best intentions. They are determined to stay the course and actually do change their diets. Many invest a chunk of cash in a personal trainer who will supposedly help them on their way to developing the body they crave to have.

However, in spite of taking all these positive actions, they fail. Why?

There’s a simple answer to that. Losing weight is not a physical game, it’s a mind game. When you change the way you think, your body will respond accordingly. Your body will also change. But people don’t change the way they think – and that’s why they keep failing. How can they expect anything different?

Now, what does this really mean? What’s a mind game?

It means that your weight loss efforts depend on the decisions you make on a daily basis. Losing weight successfully comes about through a number of small efforts multiplied by time.

This is where most people stumble; they don’t last the distance. They undermine themselves along the way and beat themselves up when progress is slow to come. Eventually, they decide it’s simply too difficult and beyond their talents. So they quit – usually within the first month.

To Eat or Not to Eat?

Before you take any action regarding your weight loss journey, the first question you should ask yourself is, “Will it hurt me or help me?”. This question alone should be enough to make you think before you act.

Before you chomp down on a wedge of carb-loaded pizza, ask yourself that question. Common sense should signal that the extra calories you’ll get from eating that pizza will adversely affect your weight loss journey. Instead, you’re standing there contemplating and salivating, not realizing that you’re about to hurt yourself.

Don’t do what will hurt you.

The same applies to your gym training sessions. Would it hurt if you skipped one? Of course it would! You will slow down your progress; there will be a remorseful feeling within you for not keeping your promise to yourself. Your metabolism will be slower for that day and your body will not be in fat-burning mode. Your lack of action will hurt you.

Are you tempted to take things easy and not push yourself when training? Does the thought of perspiring profusely and panting from exertion make you flinch? Remember, the only question that matters is whether an action will help or hurt you. Case closed. Sweat is just your fat’s tears!

Ask yourself that question and you will accelerate your progress. Exercise discipline by focusing on what you want most, rather than what you want now.

You’re all you have when it comes to losing weight. You have it in your power to help yourself.

“Yard By Yard, Life Is Hard”

Most people fail to grasp this simple concept. Losing weight is an endurance run, not a sprint. The majority of people gain excess weight gradually over a long time. Just as it takes a while to gain the weight, it will take a while to lose it.

You’re almost sure to fail if you think you can shed your excess pounds within a couple of weeks or a month. You’ll be setting yourself up for disappointment and an unnecessarily stressful situation.

By implementing small, positive changes over time you’ll make it easy on yourself. If you’ve been eating half a pizza a day, drop it to half a pizza a week. After you’ve progressed to half a pizza a month, it will be easy to eliminate it completely from your diet.

If you decide to just kick the pizza habit all at once from your diet, you’re going to constantly be craving for it. You’ll be fighting the urge to eat some. The aim here is to take it slowly. Don’t try to accomplish it all at once. We humans are creatures of habit; it will take time to break the habit.

Sugar Is Addictive!

Sugar-rich foods are highly addictive. Yes, addictive. So is oily food and junk food. Your body will crave such foods so you can feel happy and satiated. By totally ditching them in a misguided attempt to transform your life, you’ll be making yourself and your body unhappy. It’s simply too much too soon. The most likely scenario is that you’ll eventually admit defeat and binge on the very foods you’re trying to avoid.

In this situation it will be pointless to ask yourself if it will help you or hurt you. Your cravings will be irresistible and you’ll cave in. The end result will be that you’ll feel as if you’ve failed yourself and simply don’t have the determination to stay on course.

This is what usually happens when people try to do too much too soon. Once the feeling of failure sinks in, they experience a sense of guilt, regret and worthlessness. Their goal seems to be beyond their ability and they throw in the towel, unaware that they are their only opponent.

Make gradual, perceptible progress over a reasonable period of time. Going slowly and steadily makes for an easier journey that will get you to your destination.

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Willpower Is Not Your Friend

In today’s world there is much talk of using discipline and determination to help one succeed. There is much emphasis on willpower. If one gives in to temptation, one is deemed weak and without focus. When it comes to losing weight, you’ll want to remove willpower from the equation as much as possible. It might sound illogical but it works.

What does this mean?

If you’re trying to “eat clean”, you’ll need to exclude all unhealthy foods from your fridge. You’ll need to avoid occasions where there’ll be alcohol available and you like your drinks. It’ll be presumptuous to assume that you’ll have the willpower to say no and stay true to your diet.

There’s a reason why many people binge-eat late in the day or at night. When we wake up in the morning, we have a certain amount of energy for the day ahead. These energy stores become depleted as we progress through our day.

Willpower requires energy; when it’s early in the day, you’ll have the strength to reject temptations that come your way. However, when you’re exhausted after a hard day and you’re relaxing in front of the TV, it can be extremely difficult to summon up enough willpower to resist the temptation to raid the fridge where there’s a tub of your favorite ice cream waiting.

You could avoid this happening if there had been no ice cream around. When there’s no temptation, no willpower is required. This applies to other things too. Try to get your workout done early in the day. You might not have the energy to hit the gym at the end of your workday.

Make things as easy as possible for you to follow through. Losing weight is not an easy process; you don’t want to give yourself obstacles to cross.

Don’t Reward Yourself With Food

Just don’t. Food rewards are for pets only. It’s a common practice for people to allow themselves one “cheat day” per week. This can be seen as compensation for the hard word experienced during the previous few days. However, this cheat day should be conducted in a responsible manner.

Set yourself a calorie limit for your cheat day. An irresponsible mindset will sabotage your weight loss progress immensely. Don’t go overboard. Rather reward yourself with a good movie or some new clothes – anything but food.

Get to Know Yourself

We all have patterns of behavior that we follow unconsciously. If you notice that working out early in the morning makes you feel great, stick to it instead of training at different times.

If you have cravings for food when you watch television late in the day, rather avoid watching TV and go to bed early. By knowing yourself you’ll understand what suits you best. You don’t need to follow along with what others are doing. Some might swear by an early-morning run. But if you balk at the idea of waking up early you’d be better off doing a cardio session later in the day. Don’t work against yourself.

Losing Weight Is a Bumpy Road

You should engrave this into your mind. A weight-loss journey is not a straight line. It’s very common for people to expect smooth, steady progress without snags or setbacks. In reality, however, it’s quite another story.

There will be times when you slip up on your diet. You might hit a plateau that lasts for weeks, during which time you see no difference in your scale weight. After having done everything correctly, there’s still no apparent progress.

This is normal. Every successful weight loss candidate has experienced this. Don’t let this worry you; just keep going. If you’ve slipped up, acknowledge your mistake and consider what led you to do it. Quite often, you’ll realize that you were tired or that you gave in to temptation or someone told you “one more slice won’t do any harm”.

These things happen. You’re not alone. What is crucial is that you do NOT give up because your journey isn’t perfect. We’re not after perfection here; your goal is persistence. If you’re persistent, you’ll get there, and if you’re consistent, you’ll stay there. If you don’t give up you’ll never need to start over.

Don’t Forget Why You’re Doing This

We are sentient beings. There’s always an emotional reason why we do what we do. When you’re trying to lose weight, there is definitely an emotional reason behind why you’re doing it.

A guy who gets dumped by his girlfriend might try to get into better shape so he can feel better about himself. An overweight career woman may decide to lose weight because she feels self-conscious when giving presentations.

Whatever the case may be, there’s always an emotional reason that conjures up images in one’s mind. Your job is to always know what your “why” is – and to keep your eye on it. Once you disregard your “why”, you’ll lose focus. All your efforts will suddenly seem like a pointless struggle, then you give up.

This is true of any goal you have in life. Success is about knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing. You will then be glad to pay the price, there’s no mistake about that.

Positive Results Require Sacrifice

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Successful weight loss comes with some sacrifices. You will need to make the necessary adjustments to your eating habits, avoiding consuming some foods you love. You may need to sacrifice some leisure time in favor of fitting in some exercise. These sacrifices will be worthwhile in the end, if you respect your “why”.

If you don’t make sacrifices for what you want, what you want will become your sacrifice. And who wants to live like that?

Consider these tips on how to change your mind to lose weight. Implement them in your life. You can make it so much easier for yourself when you use guided hypnosis audios to lose weight. The recordings will enable you to adjust your mindset in a positive way and you’ll see the numbers on your scale plummet. Be unflinching with your weight loss goals but flexible with your methods. It’s inevitable that you’ll get there.

How to change your mind to lose weight

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