How to Learn About Ayurveda and Get True Balance

You’re about to discover how to learn about Ayurveda! Dr. John Douillard, a renowned ayurvedic practitioner, is often asked how one can go about learning the specifics of Ayurveda. In response, he has put together an online e-course program called Ayurveda 101, which is divided into 3 sessions – spring, summer and winter.

How to Learn About Ayurveda

Ayurveda, which means “the science of life”, is the sister science of yoga. You can take the complete course or you can take just the course for the season or dosha that you’re interested in. In each 4-week program you will learn about your body’s natural needs through each season. You’ll also discover how to eat, cook, cleanse and heal yourself for true balance.

Dr. John Douillard will be assisted by Larissa Hall-Carlson, who is a former dean of the School of Ayurveda at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. She will be teaching the yoga poses for each session.

For each session, you will be taken through 4 weeks of dynamic practices, diet information and self-care tips. If you are experiencing water retention, weight gain, congestion, foggy thinking, lack of motivation or a feeling of stubbornness or possessiveness, the full program (all 3 courses) is recommended for complete mind-body balancing.

To re-cap:

You can take the full program ($600) or buy the courses individually ($250 each). You will see that the full Ayurveda 101 program is the best value. (See attractive discounts below.)

online ayurvedic certification

Register and purchase this 3-course collection today using discount code AYURVEDA150 for 25% off – that’s only $450! Hurry – this offer ends June 21st!

The Individual Courses:

Ayurveda-101 - SpringAyurveda-101 - SummerAyurveda-101 - Winter

There are also discounts for the individual courses – Use code JDOUILLARD for 15% off!

This is how to learn about Ayurveda. Get your Ayurvedic training online from experts in the field of Ayurvedic medicine. Why not challenge yourself? Go for the full program and learn Ayurveda for all 3 seasons!

How to Learn About Ayurveda


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