How to Protect Your Home From EMF and 5G Radiation

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How to Protect Your Home From EMF and 5G Radiation

Now, more than ever, you need to do whatever you can to keep your immune system as strong as possible. The more you compromise your immune system, the more chance you have of falling victim to any kind of disease. A good place to start is to discover how to protect your home from EMF and 5G radiation.

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The Effects of EMF and 5G Radiation on the Immune System

In the modern world, no-one can completely avoid radiation exposure. EMFs emanate from all electronic devices, from cellphones to microwave ovens. It might surprise you to hear that exposure to EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) and 5G radiation can weaken your immune system in a big way.

Some EMF Exposure Symptoms

  • Inability to concentrate
  • Throbbing headaches
  • Fatigue, lack of energy
  • Sleep disturbances, restless nights

In a 2018 study researchers found that blocking exposure to EMFs results in significantly reduced patients’ symptoms. The patients had been suffering from auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, celiac disease and multiple sclerosis. In other words, reducing exposure to EMFs strengthened their immune systems.

Here is some shocking news: if the powerful telecoms have their way and implement 5G, your exposure to EMF radiation will go through the roof.

EMF Radiation Protection For Yourself and Your Home

What can you do to protect the members of your family from this threat to their immune systems?

There are some precautions you can take. One of them is to use an EMF-shielding device, such as the Qi device (Qi = pronounced “kee”. A Qi device produces an electron “shield” around you, your family and your home. It cuts off the harmful, immune-system-endangering effects of electromagnetic frequency radiation. When activated, it instantly reduces EMF levels.

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It has never been more important than now to protect yourself from EMF and 5G radiation. And it’s never been easier to do than with a Qi device.

How Qi Devices Protect You

The Qi devices developed by Synergy Science have been tested to prove the effectiveness of their WaveGuard technology. A Qi device creates a protective area that depolarizes and reduces EMF exposure, thereby making your surroundings biologically safe.

Watch this video to discover how Qi devices protect your family, pets, plants – and even your food – from EMF radiation:

Which Qi EMF-Protection Device Is Best For You?


The Qi-Me is designed for personal use. Keep it close to you, such as in your pocket or purse. It will provide protection from EMF radiation from 3-5 feet radius. It currently protects against 80% of 5G radiation. Click for more info.


The popular Qi Shield is the ideal EMF-shielding device for most circumstances, especially when you’re on the go. It can fit into most car cup holders and should easily fit into a bag or purse. It can protect 16 x 16 feet out and 6 feet upwards and downwards. Click for more info.


The Qi-Home device is ideal for protecting a larger area, such as your home.  This device is not portable so you should place it where you don’t intend to move it. It’s best to place it near the center of the area you want to protect. It can cover an area of 50 x 50 feet out, 16 feet up and 16 feet down. Click for more info.


The Qi-Max device is ideal for protecting a very large area, such as a large home or commercial space. It is similar to the Qi Home, apart from its larger size and cover area, which is 328 x 328 feet out and 100 feet upwards and downwards.

This would be the best whole-house EMF-protection device if you have a large house. It’s also great for protecting uniquely-shaped houses, which the Qi-Home might not fully cover. Click for more info.

You have seen how to protect your home from EMF and 5G radiation by using an appropriate Qi device. For full details and specifications of each, visit the Comparison Chart. Click the link below:

Qi Devices Comparison Chart

Click here to view the Qi Devices Comparison Chart

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how to protect your home from emfs and 5g radiation

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