How To Treat Marijuana Addiction: Behavioral and Psychological Therapies

ways to treat marijuana addiction
How to treat manijuana addiction

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Is Marijuana an Addictive Drug?

Marijuana is known to be a highly addictive drug because it contains almost 40 chemicals in it. People who are addicted to marijuana also suffer from some kind of psychological disorder. Research has shown that increased use of marijuana results in psychiatric problems, such as depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. Even though the government has made strict rules for marijuana packaging, still many young children are getting access to it.

Observation shows that people who are seeking treatment for marijuana use must have consumed marijuana consistently for over 10 years. Several investigations have demonstrated that adequately treating mental disorders with standard remedies, including medications and psychological therapies, may help in decreasing marijuana addiction. Those individuals who have severe addiction and chronic mental disorders can benefit from these behavioral and psychological therapies.

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We have listed down all the behavioral and psychological therapies that are being used nowadays to treat marijuana addiction.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

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One of the therapies to treat marijuana addiction is known as cognitive behavioral therapy.

  • This is a type of psychotherapy that shows individuals the strategies to recognize and address challenging behaviors to increase self-control, eliminate drug abuse, and address a range of different issues that frequently occur with them.
  • It teaches the individual to practice some of the cognitive skills in triggering situations which force them to use marijuana again.
  • It analyses all the factors which trigger a person to use drugs and then develops ways to counter them.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

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This is known to be a systematic technique which has been developed to induce an instant motivational change in the individual.

  • This technique focuses on mobilizing the inner strength of a person to quit marijuana use.
  • In other words, instead of being given a treatment, the willpower of the person is enhanced to fight against his addiction.
  • The person is guided by using non-judgemental and non-confrontational methods.
  • The primary focus is on motivating the individuals without judging them.
  • Therapists try to bring change in the behaviors of the individuals by increasing their awareness.

Contingency Management

This is considered to be a curative management therapy; it is mostly used in cases where mental health or drug abuse is involved.

  • Here, targeted behavior is frequently monitored. And when that particular behavior is exhibited then necessary actions are taken in the form of rewards.
  • A reward is assigned according to positive behaviors like regular attendance, “clean” urine and staying away from marijuana.
  • Rewards mostly consist of monetary vouchers that can be exchanged for some retail goods, restaurant certificates, movie tickets, shopping vouchers, and sports goods.
Above-mentioned therapies are three significant treatments used for marijuana addiction. However, there are some other interventions too that can be used to treat marijuana abuse. Read more to find out…

Behavioural & Cognitive Skills

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These are used to tackle different ways of thinking and behaving. If you adopt such skills, you can quickly combat marijuana addiction.

Family-Based Interventions

Family-based interventions can also play an essential role in treating drug abuse.

  • In such treatments, the therapist stays in contact with the family of the addicted individual. They involve the parents and family members in the procedure.
  • This practice can produce positive changes in the individual because the family can be a massive source of support for anybody.


Psychosocial interventions deal with the psychological development of the individual who is addicted to marijuana.

  • Social environment influences a person to a considerable degree. His mental health and behavior are affected by his social surroundings.
  • Therefore, these techniques focus on developing a person psychologically in accordance with his/her social values and the environment.

Multi-dimensional Family Therapy

Multi-dimensional family therapy deals with the impact made by the parents, family members and peers on problematic behaviors.

  • It is an intensive type of family therapy which involves frequent contacts with the therapist.
  • This type of therapy can take around 3-6 months to treat marijuana addiction.

Apart from psychological and behavioral treatments, there are some medicines as well which help in fighting marijuana addiction. They can block the effects produced by marijuana and are still under development. All of these therapies are known to treat marijuana addiction in a practical way. However, the support of family and peers is also crucial.

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