Is Weed Good or Bad For Your Health?

how can i stop smoking weed
is weed good or bad for your health

Effects of Weed On Your Health

Obtained from the cannabis sativa plant, marijuana – or weed, pot, hash, ganja, as it is sometimes called – is said to be the most-used drug, especially amongst young people. The cannabis ingredient that is responsible for producing mind-altering, psychoactive effects is tetrahydrocannabinol, referred to as “THC”.

Depending on how you use the drug, the psychoactive effects may vary. Taking it in high doses may cause delusions, hallucinations, anxiety or paranoia. In the long term, it could hinder your ability to concentrate, decrease your interest in goals, cause drowsiness and euphoria. All of these could eventually lead to depression, poor body coordination, bad decision-making or loss of memory.

Smoking marijuana can also severely damage the lungs and restrict your ability to breathe properly. Users typically inhale the smoke deeply and hold it for longer than cigarette smoke before exhaling, making it potentially more damaging than cigarettes.

Does Marijuana Cause Sexual Problems?

Marijuana use can disrupt male sexual function by contributing to erectile dysfunction (ED) and lowering of sperm count and quality of sperm. It is possible that THC can impair the proper function of the penis. Women, on the other hand, may experience disruption of menstrual cycles, restraining of the ovulation process and damaged ova. Using weed regularly over long periods of time can result in loss of sex drive and impotence.

Besides these effects of marijuana misuse, there are other ways in which using pot can adversely affect your physical and mental health. It can damage your brain’s sensory reactions. High doses can cause paranoia, delusions, hallucinations and anxiety.

Marijuana Addiction Help

How to Stop Smoking Weed

If you’ve tried unsuccessfully in the past to stop smoking weed, this is for you. In spite of marijuana being so easily acquired, it’s never impossible – or too late – to break the addiction to the drug.

Here’s something about marijuana you might not know:

The amount of THC in cannabis is increasing all the time. See the image below:

Does weed kill brain cells

People who try to quit weed use often feel irritable and aggressive and experience sleeping problems or some other withdrawal symptoms. Some users go so far as to check in to a drug-treatment facility or choose counseling to break the habit. However, there are other ways to quit smoking weed; some you might not have heard about.

To quit weed for good, you need a complete marijuana detox. This is the main reason why most people fail when trying to stop smoking weed – they don’t do a marijuana detox.

Don’t know how to detox and quit weed for good? You’ll find all you need to know in Tristan Weatherburn’s “Quit Marijuana – The Complete Guide“.

Tristan (a.k.a. Seb Grant) is a former marijuana addict. The information he sets out in this guide has helped thousands of people overcome marijuana – without any withdrawal symptoms. It’s the one resource that can help you quit weed for good.

I have been smoking weed for over thirty years….and pretty much every day for the past 8.
It has been so difficult and impossible to quit in the past. I cannot be more grateful today. I feel so good, have so much energy, clear head and compassionate again about things that I thought I had lost. Better than I have felt in years !Thank you, Tristan!”
Susan PiacentiniCA, USA

Is weed good or bad for your health

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