Natural Ways to Get Rid Of Sciatica Pain

Natural Ways to Get Rid Of Sciatica Pain

How Do I Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain?

“How do I get my sciatic nerve to stop hurting?” This is a question many sciatica sufferers ask when they get a shooting pain going down their leg. If you haven’t had pain relief through conventional methods, it’s time you looked at natural ways to get rid of sciatica pain.

What Is Sciatica?

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The sciatic nerve

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in your body. It runs from the lower end of your spine, down your leg and right down to your toes. A bulging spinal disc can sometimes cause sciatica.

A bulging disc does not always result in pain but when it does happen, it can be quite severe. The pain generally occurs on only one side of the body.

Lower back pain and leg pain have many different causes so it’s not always sciatica. You need to be sure that you’ve received the correct diagnosis, as sciatica often gets the blame for regular back pain. Make sure it’s not something else that is causing the pain.

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In the modern world, the first thing many people turn to when they have any painful condition is prescription medications. Some of them can certainly be effective in providing temporary relief from pain. However, if people were aware of the fact that all drugs have potential side effects, such options might not seem so attractive.

Can You Cure Sciatica Pain Naturally?

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We are fortunate that going the pharmaceutical route is not the only way to ease the pain of sciatica. A good number of people are using natural ways to relieve sciatica pain effectively. One method is through exercise.

There are sciatica stretches for elderly people and exercises for sciatica leg pain. Stretching exercises can help to keep you flexible. You might also like to try strength training, which has been helpful for some people. Stick to low-impact exercises; these will benefit your blood circulation without putting unnecessary stress on your nerve.

Physical Therapy to Relieve Sciatica Pain

If you have a severe case of sciatica, some type of physical therapy can help to keep flare-ups to a minimum. This could be performed by a professional practitioner or you could try yoga or pilates if you prefer to get a similar effect on your own.

Physical therapy that involves stretching can help to keep your muscles supple and your spinal discs from bulging. Stretching exercises that target the muscles of the lower back, legs and buttocks are all good choices.

There’s no sense in letting sciatica rule your life. You have other options. There are natural ways to relieve sciatica pain. Whichever pain-relief methods you decide to try, the main thing is that you can take action and do something. Once you no longer have sciatica pain, you’ll be glad that you did.

Sciatic nerve image from Wikimedia Commons by K. D. Schroeder, CC-BY-SA 4.0

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