How to Reduce Inflammation with Sleep and Water!

how to reduce inflammation
Reduce inflammation sleep water

Reduce Inflammation with Sleep and Water!

Millions of people across the world are suffering from chronic inflammation. Although to some the condition might not seem to be too serious, it could be a precursor to cardiovascular problems, diabetes, dementia, weight gain and autoimmune disorders. You’re about to learn how you can reduce inflammation with sleep and water!

When we suffer a bone break or are invaded by a virus, inflammation becomes part of the healing process. However, inflammation that stubbornly hangs around after recovery is not a good thing.

As far as chronic inflammation is concerned, there are 2 factors that are worth considering: how much water you drink and how well you sleep.

Your Water Consumption

Water is the path by which nutrients are delivered to every part of the body. If you tend to consume very little water, your organs will not be able to receive what they need to maintain optimum health. If you’re experiencing bouts of mental fogginess and low energy levels, try to increase your water intake. Drinking hydrogen water is especially beneficial.

Begin with the commonly-prescribed 6-8 daily glasses. Remember that it needs to be actual water, not just liquids in general. Tea and coffee, for example, can actually contribute to dehydration. While it’s not forbidden to drink a mugful, just ensure that your daily intake of regular water is sufficient to reduce inflammation.

Soft drinks (sodas) contain large amounts of sugar, which is a big contributor to inflammation. They should be avoided like the plague!

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The Danger of Allergies

How to avoid inflammation in the body

There is another reason why drinking enough water is so important for our well-being. A common trigger for inflammation is – allergies. An allergic reaction could happen, for example, when someone is sensitive to pollen. The problem might seem to start in the eyes or nose, but it’s actually a response from the immune system.

Ensuring that you have a healthy water consumption can help your body flush out toxins. Do you remember your doctor advising you to drink plenty of water when you have a cold?

A good practice would be to adjust your water intake to correspond with two-thirds of your body weight in fluid ounces. This way, unwanted elements could get flushed out easily.

Your Sleeping Habits

A good night’s sleep can heal a multitude of sins. Too little sleep – especially if it becomes a habit – will most certainly cause chronic inflammation in the body. Your perpetual tiredness and nagging mind fog may not be just because you had a bad night. You might have serious chronic inflammation that is responsible for these symptoms.

The CDC says that “insufficient sleep is a public health problem“. Does this make you think of your own sleeping habits?

Take a moment and think of your friends and family members. How many of them have complained about having bad sleep cycles? Most of them? Perhaps all? We sometimes speak jokingly about the bad way we sleep. But that’s because we’re not aware of how much damage is being done to our bodies through lack of sleep.

By increasing your water intake you’ll be taking a big step towards eliminating inflammation in your body. It’s highly likely to give you a longer night’s sleep. You really want to do your best here.

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How Much Sleep Do You Need?

How much sleep do you need to wake up feeling ready to tackle the day? We often hear that 8 hours is a good amount. Yet, some of us do well with just 7 hours, while others need 9.

Decide what number works best for you. Specify your bedtime and stick to it. With a clearer mind and more energy, you’ll get more things done with less time wasted.

Here’s a tip if you have trouble falling asleep: Diffuse some essential oils in your bedroom before you go to bed. Set up your diffuser a few minutes before settling down for the night. You won’t get any unwanted side effects when you use essential oils for sleep!

Lavender essential oil should be a staple in your home. It has so many uses, including being a popular natural remedy for insomnia. Here’s an essential oils recipe for sleep that you can use in your diffuser:

Essential Oils Recipe for Sleep

Take 20 drops of each of the following essential oils (EOs):

Method: Combine all the oils in a small, dark-colored, glass bottle with a tightly-fitting lid. Place the cap on and shake gently to blend. Add water to your diffuser according to directions. Put about 10 drops of your EO blend into your diffuser. Turn it on and place it in your bedroom about 20 minutes before you retire for the night.

Chronic inflammation can have a bad impact on your quality of life. People spend months – or sometimes years – feeling drained, depressed and despondent. That’s no life for anyone. Adjusting your water intake and improving your sleeping habits are 2 giant steps you can easily take to help eliminate inflammation from your body.

Reduce inflammation with sleep and water

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