Room Air Purifiers for Allergies and Clean Air

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Best Air Purifiers for Asthma and Allergies

Do you or someone in your family show symptoms of asthma or other respiratory problems? If so, you should give serious thought to room air purifiers for allergies. You might not believe it but the cause could well be hidden in the air you breathe.

Do you show any of these symptoms of bad air quality?

  • nasal congestion
  • allergies and hyper-sensitivity
  • dry or irritated eyes, nose or throat
  • irritated skin
  • sneezing or coughing
  • headaches
  • fatigue

Top-Rated Air Purifiers for Allergies

To remove allergens such as mold, bacteria and dust mites from the air,  try the Alen BreatheSmart customizable Air Purifier with HEPA-Silver filter. This will work well in rooms of up to 1,100 square feet in size. Incidentally, the HEPA-Silver filter could provide relief to asthma sufferers as well.

The 4 filter types are:

  • Fresh-Plus filter – for removing chemicals, cooking odors and allergens.
  • OdorCell filter – for reducing smoke, pet odors and allergens.
  • HEPA-Pure filter – for removing dust and allergens.
  • HEPA-Silver filter – for reducing dust mites, mold and bacteria.

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Top-Rated Room Air Purifiers for Allergies

Where to Buy Alen Air Purifiers

It’s best to Check the price as prices differ according to filter type and cover. Average customer rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The purifier’s dimensions are: 10 x 17.8 x 26.8 inches; weight 21 pounds.

room air purifiers allergies

The BreatheSmart is fully customizable. It’s so convenient that you can get 4 different filter types for your BreatheSmart air purifier. They can accommodate any changes in your room’s air purification requirements.

I think it’s so clever that the device has a sensor that automatically detects any changes to air quality. It adjusts accordingly, so it saves you energy and prolongs the life of your filter. How convenient is that! The filter can easily be vacuum-cleaned, too.

The front panel is available in 14 color options to easily match your room decor.  What about noise? Alen’s WhisperMax technology will ensure that you have a peaceful environment! It will help to keep your home eco-friendly while it purifies the air.

best air purifiers allergies reviews
Eliminate germs, viruses, dust mites and more

Alen room air purifiers for allergies, dust, odors etc. include a lifetime warranty for the U.S.A. only. You can download the Alen BreatheSmart user manual here (PDF – opens in new tab).

The Alen BreatheSmart is one of the top room air purifiers for allergies and clean air.

BreatheSmart 2-Pack Smart Bundle

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