Sciatica Pain Relief Home Remedies that Work!

how to stop sciatica from coming back
Sciatica Pain Relief Home Remedies

Easy Sciatica Pain Relief Home Remedies

A life of pain from sciatica can make anyone despair. If that sounds like you, my message is – don’t despair! I’m going to tell you about 3 simple sciatica pain relief home remedies – treatments that can effectively reduce your sciatica pain.

These treatments do not just mask the pain – they can actually eliminate sciatica from your life!
So, let’s begin…

1. Adjusting Your Nutritional Habits

To permanently eliminate sciatica from your life you should consider more than just treating the physical cause. This means making some adjustments to your usual diet.

An easy way to start is to simply drink more water. This can help to reduce the pain that is associated with sciatica.  When your body’s dehydrated, parts of the spine can become “deflated”, which can put unnecessary pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Try your best to avoid eating foods that can cause inflammation in the body. There are many of these in most people’s diets, especially those with high sugar content. Such foods can lead to inflammation and increase the pain of sciatica.

2. A Home Excercise Program

Any sciatica treatment plan should include an appropriate exercise program. When you stretch and strengthen the muscles that could be affecting the sciatic nerve, you can diminish pain and hasten recovery.

For best effect, the exercises you should perform depend on the root cause of your particular sciatica pain.

For example, sciatica that is the result of a herniated disc would not be treated with the same exercises that are recommended for sciatica caused by spinal stenosis.

Keeping your body relaxed is important to allow it to heal. A good way to do this – without exacerbating your condition – is to take brisk walks. You can try other light exercises but stop immediately if you feel it hurts.

Important tip: If you’re experiencing pain, make sure you don’t become bed-bound. When you spend more than two days lying in bed, your muscles can weaken and tighten up. This will make your sciatica worse.

3. Simple Sciatica Home Remedies

Home remedies for sciatica can often bring pain relief fairly quickly. And the cool thing about home remedies is that they are generally low-cost and don’t require a prescription.

Do you enjoy eating peanuts? Peanuts are one of the simplest home remedies. The reason they’re so effective is that they have generous magnesium content. Magnesium is important for allowing muscles to relax.

There’s no need to gorge yourself on peanuts; just a small-to-medium portion per day can help the muscles surrounding the sciatic nerve to loosen up and reduce compression. I recommend raw peanuts over roasted, as they are in their natural state.

Choosing the Right Home Cure for Sciatica

Each of these home treatments can be effective in relieving sciatic pain. However, you should not just choose random treatments for sciatic pain.

It’s important that you choose the sciatica treatment plan that will be effective for removing the underlying cause of YOUR particular sciatica. Choose incorrectly and you might worsen your pain; at best, there might just be no improvement at all.

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Sciatica Pain Relief Home Remedies

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