11 Refreshing Self-Care Ideas for a Better Mental Health

self-care ideas for moms
self-care ideas

Self-Care Tips for Mental Health, Anxiety and More

Self-care is one of those topics that are quite polarizing because of a clash between traditional mindsets and modern beliefs. On the one side, we have headstrong people who believe that life is tough and everyone should “grin and bear it”. They feel that being impassive makes you more capable of enduring and succeeding, in spite of the stresses of the world.

On the other side, there are people who believe that our stressful and hectic lifestyles will break us down if we don’t take time to care for ourselves.

So, who is right?

In fact, both groups are right – because each of us is different! Some of us enjoy the tough-love and hardcore approach to living our lives. We don’t want to look weak and hardly give a thought to self-care.

Then, there are others who are more sensitive. The never-ending assault on their senses from work, the media, family commitments etc. may cause them to become mentally exhausted.

At times like these, self-care to preserve your mental health is crucial to your well-being. Below you’ll find some great self-care ideas to follow. Not all of them might work for you but you’ll surely find at least one that will. Try them all and choose what will work best for you.

Use Aromatherapy

Diffusing essential oils such as lavender, frankincense or lemongrass will help to create a soothing effect that will help to calm your mind. Aromatherapy can be very beneficial to your health. Since it’s a holistic method, there hasn’t been much detailed study.

It’s worth giving it a try to know how it makes you feel. Ultimately, that’s what matters. If aromatherapy makes you feel more happy and calm, go ahead and use essential oils.

Drink Some Great Coffee

Coffee is known to be a mood lifter. Its antioxidant properties will help to heal your body from within and the caffeine will alleviate any depression that might be present.

Declutter and Live Minimally

Time to unleash your inner Marie Kondo. Decluttering has a cathartic feel to it. Some people cope better when they have fewer possessions in more sparse surroundings.

If you feel that there’s too much going on in your life and you feel smothered, you may wish to try decluttering and living a more minimalistic lifestyle. You might discover that less is more and your mood and quality of life can improve tremendously.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is about being present in the moment, instead of constantly worrying about the future. When you’re engaged in a task or even having a meal, you’re fully present in the moment. There’s no thought of multi-tasking or looking at your social media accounts. Practicing mindfulness meditation helps to improve your focus and also acts as a mental detox that your body might be craving.

Meditation for self-care can be especially beneficial when you use a light-and-sound meditation machine.

self-care tips for mental health
Using a “meditation machine”

Disconnect from Social Media

While social media can be a fun diversion, it also has a dark side. It can create a craving for dopamine in your brain. The constant notifications and feedback can be addictive and may not be healthy in the long run.

This is without the constant barrage of news, negative comments and vitriol from other users that will only irritate you. Disconnecting from social media can do wonders for your mental health.

Practice Yoga

This may sound cliché but practicing yoga really works. Yoga’s focus on the mind-body-soul connection will get you breathing deeply and stretching your body. These movements are good for you and can increase your flexibility by loosening tight muscles.

Have an Epsom Salts Bath

This is as straightforward as it sounds. Give an Epsom sats bath a try and see how it makes you feel.

Journaling for Self-Care

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Journaling is a form of stress relief. By setting your thoughts and emotions down on paper, it will give your mind release. Living within your own head can be a strain if you keep replaying the same events over and over. By keeping a journal, you’ll release pent-up emotions and gain mental clarity.

You can use the journaling technique to create a list of things to do, goals to achieve and so on. Once it’s in your journal and out of your head, you’ll have less thinking to do.

Take Time for Yourself

This is especially true for a woman who is trying to balance work and family commitments. It seems as if someone is constantly demanding something from you. The constant need to keep things in order can cause a nervous collapse.

Sometimes you should simply decide to take a break and have 30 minutes to an hour for yourself. If your spouse can look after the children, you can even take the whole day off and spend time on your own.

Give Yourself a “Self-Care” Make-Over

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A common symptom of someone who is mentally drained and stressed out is a lack of attention to his or her appearance. If you look at yourself in the mirror and see a dishevelled and worn-out-looking person, you’ll feel even worse.

Spend an hour or so on improving your appearance. Once you look neat and attractive, you’ll feel a refreshing sense of energy. You won’t feel as if you’ve neglected yourself.

Look Ahead and Forget the Past

Too often, people think back on past years and rekindle old, negative emotions. Bad decisions, hurt feelings, harsh words exchanged etc. from past happenings should be left in the past. It’s time to let go!

If that is your experience, write down what you’re feeling on a piece of paper. When you’re done, go ahead and burn that paper. As you watch it turn to ashes, let it be a signal that you are letting the past stay in the past.

There’s no sense in carrying the heavy burdens of yesterday into tomorrow. Keep your mind on the present and look ahead… and forge for yourself a better future.

Apply these self-care ideas in your life and you’ll surely feel better in a few days. You won’t experience an overnight miracle but you will feel a sense of relief and develop a more optimistic outlook on life.

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