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the end of gout review

Introduction to “The End of Gout” Review

In centuries past, people generally lived very different lives from what they do today. Eating rich, meaty meals and frequently consuming more alcohol than they should was only possible for the rich, upper classes of society. They were the ones who usually fell victim to gout. It’s no wonder that gout became known as “the disease of kings”.

In today’s fast-moving world, meat remains a symbol of status in some societies. However, in the developed, urbanized world, many people sit for much of the day. Nowadays it is easier than ever to obtain meat, alcohol and unhealthy, processed foods and to live a sedentary life. All these can be regarded as precursors to gout.

This is where “The End of Gout” program can help you get your health back to normal.

Reviewing: “The End of Gout” program by Shelly Manning, Published by Blue Heron Limited

Note: The End of Gout is a 188-page digital download. Price: $49. It is written in non-technical language that is easy to follow.

Chapter 1 – What is Gout?

The first chapter describes in detail what gout is and how it interferes with your joints, causing painful inflammation and restriction of movement. It explains how important it is that you do not simply ignore the condition. If you have one “gout attack”, you will likely have more – and they are likely to be worse.

As you would know, gout is caused by an excess of uric acid in the blood (called hyperuricemia). The subject of uric acid is discussed in great detail in this section of The End of Gout. How does an excess of uric acid give rise to gout? Here you will discover how gout develops when you have too much uric acid in your blood.

Gout Attacks

How and why do gout attacks happen? This is explained on page 16. You will also discover why hyperuricemia is a risk factor for more serious conditions, such as metabolic syndrome and heart disease.

Conventional Gout Treatment

Conventional treatment for gout that doctors would typically recommend is discussed in detail. Mention is made of commonly-prescribed drugs for gout treatment, as well as surgical options.

Chapter 2 – Gout and Gut Health

In this section you will discover how crucial it is to maintain a healthy gut environment to prevent disease. The importance of your gut in eliminating gout and limiting inflammation cannot be over-emphasized.

Herbs and Mushrooms That Support Gut Health: Click Here

Active Steps to a Healthy Gut

What can you do to ensure that you have a healthy gut? From page 40 of The End of Gout, this is covered in great detail. You will also discover why taking antibiotics can destroy the health of your gut – and negatively impact your general health.

The Healthy Foods List on page 46 should bring a smile to your face – it includes some favorite things to eat!

Chapter 3 – Chronic Inflammation, Uric Acid and Supporting the Gut

Chronic inflammation and gut health are very important in eliminating gout. This section explores powerful, natural anti-inflammatories to fight gout. It also covers natural ways to improve uric acid levels. It discusses hyperuricemia on a deep level, especially in relation to the kidneys.

Supplements for Gout Attacks

The supplement recommendations in this section should be implemented when you have an acute gout attack. (Other recommendations for handling gout attacks you will find in Appendix 6.)

Power nutrients, foods, drinks and vitamins that fight gout are discussed here. There is one specific vitamin that should not be ignored by anyone suffering from gout. There’s also important information on a delicious gout-fighting fruit that you might not have thought of – and a smoothie recipe that includes this fruit to manage gout pain!

There is extensive information on foods, drinks and nutrients in this section.

Chapter 4 – Gout and Lifestyle Factors

Scientific data collected over the years shows that the risks for gout can be greatly reduced by making some simple lifestyle adjustments. These include limiting certain types of meat and including the right kind of supplements.

There is much useful information on diet in this section. The typical Western diet is not good for us. It’s not enough to just cut out sugar and saturated fats. Almost every food item on supermarket shelves has some kind of sugar added to it; this section of The End of Gout explores the subject of sugar thoroughly – and why it’s bad for gout.

Here you will find the optimum diet for living without gout (page 93) and a variety of ways to handle stress and sleeping problems. There is also an interesting section on meditation – all geared towards providing relief from gout.

Chapter 5 – Achieving a Gout-Free Life

The fifth chapter brings together all the information from the previous chapters so that you can achieve your goal of a gout-free life.

The lists of foods and drinks to increase in your diet – and those to avoid – will be especially helpful, as will the list of recommended supplements for gout.

Appendix 1 of The End of Gout Program:

Includes an Alkaline Foods List (choose these foods) and Acidic Foods List (avoid these foods).

Appendix 2

The Glycemic Index – Food Lists showing their glycemic values.

Appendix 3

List of Sugars Commonly Added to Food Products (avoid these food additives).

Appendix 4

High-fructose corn syrup is commonly added to food products and is highly injurious to your health. There are many findings that show the negative consequences associated with HFCS ingestion. You can read about the dangers of high-fructose corn syrup in this Appendix – and why you should avoid it at all costs.

Appendix 5

This appendix contains a nice and simple 7-day meal plan example for treating your gout. It includes suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime, as well as mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks for each day of the week. There is also an extended table of recommended food portions.

If you’re watching your purine intake (and you should be), you should find the 6 tables of foods and their purine contents very helpful. They are arranged according to types of foods.

Appendix 6

In this appendix you will find a fast-relief field guide to manage acute gout attacks. There are also several herbal tea and smoothie recipes that are designed to relieve gout pain if you’re wanting immediate gout pain relief.

If you decide to try the gout pain massage oil recipe, you can order the required essential oils here.

Appendix 7

This appendix lists almost all the nutritional compounds that are good for gout. They are grouped together according to their main activity in the body.


The ultimate aim of The End of Gout is the elimination of gout. I cannot imagine a more detailed guide on natural treatment for gout than this Program. If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to relieve the pain of gout, follow the gout treatment guidelines in The End of Gout – it’s just a download away…

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