What is Brainwave Entrainment?

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what is brainwave entrainment

What is this thing called brainwave entrainment?

Generally speaking, brainwave entrainment is a process where the brain synchronizes to, and resonates with, an external stimulus (sound or light or a combination of the two).

In a properly-engineered brainwave-entrainment recording, various “sculpted” tones and embedded sound frequencies are used to get the brain to go into altered (but natural) states of consciousness.

When your brain reacts to these tones and goes into these altered states (altered forms of consciousness), various beneficial neurotransmitters, hormones and endorphins are released. These are all necessary neurochemicals that your brain and body need to function properly, healthily and naturally.

When your brain is stimulated with pulsed sounds (neuroelectrical activity via the nerves originating from the ears), the overall activity of your brain will respond to, and align with, these pulses. By selecting the desired rate, your brain – via the frequency-following response (entrainment) – can be naturally induced towards the selected brainwave state.

It is also because of the frequency-following response or entrainment that these pulsed sounds often produce benefits similarly found in deep meditation.

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What is brainwave entrainment

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