What is Nitric Oxide? What Are Nitric Oxide Benefits for men?

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Nitric Oxide and ED

There are many different factors that could cause erectile dysfunction (ED). However, the main reason why a man would have such a problem is that the expansion of the capillaries in the penis is insufficient to allow an erection to occur or be maintained.

Now, nitric oxide is a molecule that we know performs a leading role in various vascular functions in the body. One of these is the ability to relax blood vessels and smooth muscle (such as in erectile tissue). It also inhibits the clumping of blood platelets, making the blood thinner and more free-flowing.

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Both ED drugs and natural ED solutions can enable a sufferer to achieve and maintain erections once more by altering or enhancing the actions of nitric oxide in the body. However, they do so in different ways. The effects are, therefore, also believed to differ.

For example, Viagra allows the body to retain more nitric oxide. It does this by attacking an enzyme known as PDE5, which is responsible for destroying nitric oxide. Yet, there is a significant downside to the way a drug-based ED treatment such as Viagra achieves its results.

Natural ED Solutions

Consider this:

Natural ED solutions enhance the whole sexual experience, as they work holistically (i.e., they have full-body benefits). These benefits include boosting the libido, enhancing genital sensitivity and increasing stamina. Drugs do none of these things. Viagra improves a man’s physical ability to indulge in sexual activity but has no effect on the desire to do so or on any other aspect of the sexual experience.

It’s not certain if this is fact or not but there does seem to be enough ED sufferers who make this claim for it to have some validity.

You might want to “test” this theory for yourself by trying natural solutions for ED before resorting to pharmaceutical drugs with their acknowledged adverse side effects.

Did you know that beetroot is one of the best foods for erectile dysfunction?

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Nitric oxide benefits for men

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