Yoga Burn Review

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Yoga Burn Review

Introduction to Yoga Burn Review

Yoga has been around for centuries, and most people look at it as a form of exercise that’s gentle and used for stress relief. The truth of the matter is that yoga is extremely effective for building strength, toning your body and helping with weight loss too. Welcome to our Yoga Burn Review!

Some of the most aesthetically-pleasing physiques belong to yoga practitioners who can execute poses that would make a bodybuilder tremble and groan.

One of the top-selling yoga programs online has sold thousands of copies over the past few years. It was created for women by a woman (Zoe Bray-Cotton is an internationally-certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and female transformation specialist). Generally, most yoga classes are done for both men and women. Yet, they neglect to address specific physical challenges the different genders face.

Yoga Burn Challenge

Best Yoga Weight Loss Program for Women?

Yoga Burn was specifically made for women to help them tone their bodies by addressing the common difficulties that women face when trying to lose weight. It targets stubborn areas like the thighs and buttocks.

With thousands of sales and many satisfied customers, it’s safe to say that Yoga Burn is a proven product.

Yoga Burn is a 12-week program comprising 3 phases. There are 3 x15-minute videos in each phase, making a total of 9 videos.

You’ll play a video in a loop 3 times to create a 45-minute session. This is long enough for the workout to be effective and yield results without being overly arduous.

By the time the 12 weeks are up, you’ll be much more capable at yoga and your body will be stronger and more toned.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of Yoga Burn…

The Good Points

  1. This is an ‘easy-to-follow’ video course that’s suitable for beginners too. The 12-week plan gives you the fundamentals to enable you to develop a strong foundation as you progress to the more challenging poses.

The video instructions are at a pace that’s slow enough for beginners to follow along with… yet rapid enough to be not overly long.

2. Most yoga classes/books/videos only teach you the poses with nary a thought given to your gender. Yoga Burn, however, is a yoga course that was specifically made for women.

Zoe Bray understands the unique challenges that women face when trying to shed excess fat off their buttocks and thighs. Men usually do not face issues in these areas. Yoga Burn is designed in a way that accelerates fat burning in those trouble spots by toning the muscles in those areas with yoga poses.

3. The structure of the course is its strongest selling point. You’ll start off in the Foundational Flow phase where you learn the basics of yoga. You will learn proper breathing techniques, safety, how to execute the poses with good form etc. during this phase.

In phase 2, which is the Transitional Flow phase, you’ll learn how to effortlessly move from one pose to another. The goal is to be smooth and graceful.

This is a challenging phase and it’s the one where you will build your lean strength and also develop the skills to execute a yoga flow like a dancer, rather than a disjointed marionette.

Phase 3 is all about mastering the poses and executing them proficiently. You’ll also learn more advanced poses. By now, your body will be stronger and you’ll truly appreciate how powerful yoga is. That’s what the Mastery Flow Phase is all about!

Bonus: Tranquillity Flow Audios

4. Besides these 3 phases, the program also includes a Tranquillity Flow sequence. You’ll be getting a few MP3 audios to listen to so that you can execute the Yoga Burn program more efficiently.

5. This product is a digital download and you’ll be able to access it immediately after your purchase. You could be doing yoga within 10 minutes of payment! How exciting!

6. If you’re worried that you might not like the program, cast your worries aside. Yoga Burn comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Your investment is risk-free and you can always ask for a refund if you’re not satisfied.

The Bad Points

  1. The yoga program is great for building flexibility, increasing strength and building lean muscle. However, if you want to see weight loss, you’ll need to clean up your diet and be at a caloric deficit.
  2. When these two cornerstones are in place, Yoga Burn will melt your fat off in no time. You’ll need to exercise discipline to be on a healthy diet.

3. Yoga Burn is only available online. You’ll need a credit card or Paypal account to purchase it and a computer with an internet connection to access it.

Should You Get Yoga Burn?

You most definitely should. Are you a woman who wishes to become toned and fit without exerting herself by lifting weights or spending hours on the treadmill? If so, Yoga Burn is definitely your best bet to achieving your weight loss and fitness goals.

Even if you’re a beginner, this course will work for you because it starts off with the fundamentals and works its way up the progress ladder, step by step.

The 12-week Yoga Burn program will take you from beginner to intermediate in the minimum of time. Of course, if you want to master yoga at its absolute highest levels, you’ll need a professional instructor.

However, if it’s fitness and weight loss that you want, Yoga Burn will more than suffice. It can give you that lean and lithe look that’s feminine and yet strong at the same time.

Try it – 12 weeks after having read this Yoga Burn review, you’ll thank yourself that you did.

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Yoga Burn review

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